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Cleo Ruark

Precision Machining Instructor

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CCC hired Machining Instructor, Cleo Ruark, in August 2011 to provide the instruction in the Machining program.  Cleo is a graduate of Field Kindley Memorial High School and completed the Machining program at the former Southeast Kansas Area Technical School in 1977.  He has worked for several machine shops, including Jencast and Magic Circle, for over 34 years.   Cleo brings a wealth of machining knowledge to the CCC Machining program and designs projects for students to prepare them for real-life applications in industry.  Cleo’s goal is to prepare students to excel in machining positions with area industry and hopefully teach them valuable life skills.  He maintains strong relationships with industry leaders through his advisory committee to ensure he is teaching the skills needing for positions in the field.

Ruark will prepare students to read engineering blue prints, measure objects precisely and run various machines including lathes, drill presses, mills, high precision grinders, and CNC machines.  Students will also learn design programs and how to use many different tools used for shaping metal and creating projects.  This is a hands-on program and class grades are based on the projects you complete in class.  Students will build a regular hammer and a brass hammer, spring centers, vises, jack stands, plum bobs, dice and vice stops.  While math is an important skill in the class, students work individually with Ruark to make sure they understand the concepts necessary to be successful.  The National average pay for a Machinist is $26,000-$64,000 each year.  Machinist generally enjoy good work environments and benefits in this profession.  There is expected to be a 13-20 percent increase in the demand for Machinist in the local area in the next 7 years.