President's WelcomeCCC President Linda Moley

Welcome to Coffeyville Community College/Area Technical School, the "shining star" of Southeast Kansas.

CCC is a public, two-year community college and technical school.  Founded in 1923, the College has grown to serve more than 2,800 students annually.  The main campus is located in downtown Coffeyville, a community of 11,000.  The Coffeyville Technical Campus is located a few blocks away from the main campus, and the Columbus Technical Campus is located in Columbus, KS, which is fifty miles east of Coffeyville.  Coffeyville is a great community.  It is best known for its friendly people, the Red Ravens, and the demise of the Dalton Gang.

The cornerstone of our College is commitment to excellence.  We continue to build upon this tradition by expanding and creating additional learning and enrichment opportunities for students.  CCC provides students with a total college experience.  Our students benefit from outstanding facilities, small class sizes and the personalized attention of our faculty and staff.

CCC prides itself for being recognized as one of the top community colleges in the nation. Our strengths include excellence in academic and technical education, diversified student life, and exemplary and competitive athletics, activities and programs.  The College is committed to assist students achieve lifelong success.  In addition, CCC is affordable.  We have the lowest community college tuition in the state.

We look forward to helping make your learning experience at CCC the best educational experience of your life.  We are proud of our reputation, and we invite you to be a part of our College family.  Once again, welcome to Coffeyville Community College.

Linda Moley,
Coffeyville Community College President