Electrical Students Installing Breaker Box at Habitat for Humanity House in Coffeyville

Electrical Technology Program

Electric Student Working on Industrial Wiring Simulator in LabElectricians are always in demand in a growing economy.  Since 1930, the U.S. has steadily increased its use of electrical power, and the trend will continue well in the next century.  This increase creates a growing demand for individuals who are trained in technology and possess skills which will qualify them for employment in the exciting field of Electrical Technology.

Areas of Training

fall semester spring semester
Residential Wiring
Single & 3 Phase Motors
Electrical for HVAC
Fundamentals of Electricity
National Electrical Code
Programmable Logic Controllers
Industrial Wiring Methods
Motor Controls
Electronics for Electricians


Electrical Student Installing Wire in Lab SettingTroubleshooting electrical equipment and installation is covered throughout the course.  Standard troubleshooting techniques are employed using blueprints and electrical meters.  The first segment covered is residential wiring.  In this section, students will learn how to wire a total electric home through classroom and shop wiring assignments.  Students will gain hands-on experience in wiring 2x4 studding just like an actual house.  Estimating electrical wiring costs from blueprints is also covered.

The motors section of training will stress the most common types of motors in industry.  An electrician must be proficient in working on a variety of types of motors, as this is what converts electrical power to mechanical motion.  Having a thorough working knowledge of the fundamentals of electricity is also equally important.  In this class, students will learn what a volt, amp, and ohm is as well as the different characteristics of series and parallel circuits, theory and application of voltage drop, operation of inductive and capacitive type loads, and basic electrical laws applied to a circuit.  This is just a sample of the variety of areas covered in this course.

Fast Facts


$35k to $50k per year.

Experienced, $57k per year.


Electrician (Residential and Commercial)

Industrial Maintenance


Cable Technology

Phone Technology

9 Month Program