Coffeyville Community College’s Statement on Social Injustice

Office College Seal in Red

Raven Family,

With the recent events of social injustice in our country the administration at Coffeyville Community College feels compelled to address this on-going concern.  We are currently at a crossroads in our society where we need to find meaningful ways to overcome these injustices and promote unity and understanding.  CCC’s mission is focused on identifying and addressing community and area needs, providing accessible, affordable quality education and training, and promoting opportunities for lifelong learning.  We strive to help our students reach their educational and career goals in an effort to improve themselves, their families, and their communities.

We believe that as an institution of higher learning that we can work on activities, programs, and support for our students and build relationships, ease fears, and listen to concerns.  What specifically that is and what it entails is open for discussion.  We value diversity at our institution and will do our part to combat racism and social injustices.  We absolutely can make a positive change through open and honest dialogue/communication, and learning from each other, which is what we do as an educational institution. 

We encourage our students to contact any CCC staff member to discuss their concerns or fears and understand the College community is here to support you.  Feel free to reach out to CCC’s Student Affairs Director at [email protected] for assistance.  CCC employees may access support through the Director of Human Resources, [email protected].  Together we can promote opportunities for lifelong learning.

Dr. Marlon Thornburg