CCC Adapts Training to Meet Needs of USD 445 ESL Students

CCC Adapts Training to Meet Needs of USD 445 ESL Students

CCC Construction Technology Instructor Clarence Ray, center, guides a pair of Field Kindley High School students through a lesson.

The Coffeyville Community College Technical Campus has partnered with USD 445 to provide an Introductory Craft Skills program for Field Kindley High School students this school year. The program is geared towards ESL students. 

Like all CCC technical programs, students are provided skills and training needed to excel in future construction careers. The difference with this particular course is that students are receiving the training in English and Spanish.  Clarence Ray, Construction Technology Instructor, has students focusing on a variety of basic construction and plumbing skills, including safety, framing, PVC pipe joint assembly, and copper pipe soldering.  

“At the beginning of the semester, it was a little awkward because we present the instructional materials twice, once in English and again in Spanish.  But as the year has progressed and we have all adapted and overcome the challenges, it has turned into a great program,” said Ray. “I think the students are enjoying the course, and I am excited for the spring semester when we will get into HVAC.” 

"This is a great opportunity for FKHS students to explore the construction fields and receive a variety of skills they can use in their lifetime.  Whether they choose construction as a career or are simply exploring careers options they are gaining valuable lifelong skills that can be applied in many jobs in the future," said, Dr. Marlon Thornburg, Vice President for Innovation and Business Initiatives.