Humanities Project: All Aboard! Dave Cofell Sings About the Rails at CCC on Feb. 12th

Dave Cofell Holding a Guitar in Front of a Light Blue Background

Hailing from Collegeville, Minnesota, Dave Cofell is a study in easygoing amiability and unforced charisma. He charms crowds with self-teasing humor, tart progressive insight, and a lulling Midwestern broad spectrum Americana sound.

All Aboard! is a Railroad-themed journey with songs ranging from steam-powered traditional to modern diesel powered original songs and covers.

Dave is an ASCAP singer-songwriter and publisher, a Recording Academy member, has released three CDs and tours nationally and internationally 10 months of the year, performing 200+ shows annually.

Dave’s music is eclectic, a woven tapestry of songs and stories with an over-all arc that eventually comes together and tells something about “the human condition”. Scores of fans and promoters the world over will attest that attending one of his performances is a wonderful experience. With the gift of a consummate storyteller, he shares both funny and tender moments. He is an artist whose first love is music and it shows.

Dave will perform at Coffeyville Community College on Feb. 12 as part of the Humanities Project. The public is invited to the 10:30 a.m. Tuesday humanities performances at CCC.  The performances are free and held in the Spencer/Rounds Performing Arts Theatre.

For more information about the humanities project at CCC, please call 620-251-7700, ext. 2166.