Humanities Project: Storyteller Flavia Everman Presents at CCC on March 5th

Flavia Everman Profile Picture

“Why be normal?” exclaims Flavia Everman. “You have to be a little bit crazy to get by in this world and wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same.” 

Everman embodies creativity. The Executive Director of the Warren County Fine Arts Council for seven years, Everman loves the arts and is a natural at promoting her passion. She currently teaches multiple classes at area home school coop locations and is working on a visionary storytelling and collecting project in Rwanda, Africa. Her list of hobbies include ballroom dancing, singing, playing the piano, drawing, painting, sewing, cooking, baking, canning, reading and most of all storytelling.

Storytelling has always been a big part of Everman’s life. She began storytelling in high school and started up again after college when she worked in a bookstore. She travels to daycares, schools, festivals and other gatherings to weave her magic into fairytales and folktales.

Everman will present a program on the life of Pauline Cushman on March 5th at Coffeyville Community College. Cushman was born in the deep south and raised with Indians in the north. When the Civil War started, Cushman was impartial, but when circumstances forced her hand, she became on of the few women Civil War spies to serve with the Union forces. After spending a part of her childhood sitting at her grandfather's feet, listening to tales of his adventures with Napoleon Bonaparte, Cushman decided to make some memories herself. Cushman ends up being convicted to hang as a Civil War spy. 

The rest of this courageous woman's story of an innocent actress who became a Civil War spy who somehow manages to wiggle out of her impending doom will be told on March 5th as Everman performs at Coffeyville Community College as part of the Humanities Project.  The public is invited to the 10:30 a.m. Tuesday humanities performances at CCC.  The performances are free and held in the Spencer/Rounds Performing Arts Theatre.

For more information about the humanities project at CCC, please call 620-251-7700, ext. 2166.