Humanities Project: Storyteller Decee Cornish Performs at CCC on April 30th

Decee Cornish promotional photo of him on stage standing behind a microphone

For over 17 years, Decee has told stories and entertained nationally. Cornish is often referred to as the “Urban Aesop” and was introduced at a youth rally as the “Bad Boy of Storytelling.”  When he asked why he was introduced as such, the student responded that Cornish was “the baddest dude there.”  Recently, Cornish has appeared in schools as “Gator Bill,” telling stories of Buffalo Soldiers to students.

Cornish has conducted workshops and performed at Texas Christian University, Texas Wesleyan University, East Texas State University, Texas A & M University, the Lena Pope Home, Texas Youth Commission, the NOSAP Program (Neighborhoods Organized for Substance Abuse Program) and the I Have a Dream Foundation.  

He has also held Residence positions at Texas A & M University and Sam Houston State College. He has served as adjunct professor at Tarrant County College for over 15 years.

Texas born and raised in Houston’s Fifth Ward, Decee joined the military and served over a decade, traveling, attending colleges and universities worldwide.  He experienced their cultures and learned their stories. Decee began to tell stories to disadvantaged and at-risk children while working for a non-profit youth facility. Using stories to teach and motivate.  He continued his work and in 2005 the Presidential Commission on the Arts and Humanities recognized his work with the “Coming Up Taller” award.  For over 19 years, Decee has told stories and entertained nationally. 

Cornish will perform at Coffeyville Community College on April 30th as part of the Humanities Project. The public is invited to the 10:30 a.m. Tuesday humanities performances at CCC.  The performances are free and held in the Spencer/Rounds Performing Arts Theatre.

For more information about the humanities project at CCC, please call 620-251-7700, ext. 2166.