Humanities Project: Musicians and U.S. Coast Guard Captains Mike and Amy Aiken to Perform at CCC on Oct. 29

Amy and Mike Aiken Playing a Tambourine and Guitar Respectively.  Photo appears to be taken from inside a small boat.

Amy and Mike Aiken.

Mike and Amy Aiken are both U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains with over 30,000 bluewater miles sailed. They have lived on sailboats for over 25 years, sailed from the Great Lakes to the Canadian Maritimes, the Azores, Europe and Caribbean and along the whole eastern seaboard. Together, they deliver stories of what it’s like to live and travel on board a sailboat, preparing a boat to cross oceans, weathering North Atlantic storms, visiting foreign ports, meeting folks from all over the globe, having whales and dolphins swim alongside, and catching fish. From the Russian freighter captain who sent a message for them on Christmas Day, to the Port Authority Captain who welcomed them in Antigua, to the shark who winked at them on their approach to the Caribbean, playing backgammon while rolling down the tradewinds, meeting other musicians in the Canaries and then again in Antigua - the stories are varied and appeal to all audiences. Questions are encouraged.

Mike Aiken’s vast treasure chest of experiences and mastery of varied stringed instruments have contributed to a catalog of music that cannot be defined by one genre or style. This well-traveled Virginia songwriter and sea captain may have been born in the wrong century. Aiken has drawn tales - and hope - from trail riders, aging rodeo champs, sea captains, Rastafarians and outlaws, to craft tunes that draw the threads of these independent spirits together. Amy Aiken brings her own sincerity and personality to the duo, delivering sweet harmony vocals and tasty percussion.

Together they have also logged seven studio albums, one first-round Recording Academy/GRAMMY's nomination, #1 and #13 in Europe, and five songs in the Top 25 U.S. charts.

Mike and Amy will perform at the Coffeyville Community College Spencer/Rounds Performing Arts Theatre at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, October 29th, as part of the CCC Humanities Project. The performance is free and open to the public.