Matt Watroba

Matt Watroba

Traditional American Music:

What it is and what it sounds like

The branches of the American music tree include a wide variety of styles: Rock & Roll, Country, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, heavy metal, the list goes on and on. But what happens when you trace those branches down to the roots? Well that’s where traditional music lives, and that’s how all of those branches are connected. This program will explore the roots: Native American music, spirituals, Appalachian folk, old-timey country, cajun, jug band, these are just a few of the styles you will hear and then connect to the music you listen to today. 

If you ask Matt Watroba, he will be quick to tell you that he is first and foremost a community singer. He is also a radio host and podcast producer, a music journalist, a father, a husband, a teacher, and a recent inductee to the Folk Alliance International Folk D.J. Hall of Fame. Matt is a published writer, having penned dozens of articles and reviews for Sing Out!, the national magazine of American folk and roots music founded by Pete Seeger in 1950.

Matt brings a unique set of talents to the stage as an educator, performer and master of ceremonies.  His passion for bringing community together through music and education is infectious. Add to that Matt's own special brand of humor and you will see why he is a respected and sought-after presenter in the world of folk and roots music.