Local Magician Pete Walterscheid Performs at CCC on Nov. 8th

Local Magician Pete Walterscheid Performs at CCC on Nov. 8th

Pete Walterscheid.

When people think of magic, most think of Harry Houdini. His escape attempts and daring stunts during the formative industrial age of our nation in the 1920s have made his mark in history.  But Houdini was tormented by the loss of his mother and spent the latter years of his life truly believing he could contact her in the spirit world.  He traveled the globe visiting Mediums who promised they could get in touch with his mother, but all he encountered were charlatans using cheap amateur parlor tricks to convince him.  Thus began his career of exposing those fraudulent mediums and their methods.

Magician Pete Walterscheid has researched extensively and has performed these methods effectively in his show “Hauntings”, a recreation of a Victorian séance.  He has now combined these skills into taking the audience on an interesting journey using the simple methods used to convince people of contacting the “other side”.   Performing in full light, it will amaze how so many with little skill could fool the masses.  This is a demonstration of parlor tricks used to bilk customers from their money on hopes of contacting the dead.  It has no religious implications whatsoever.

Walterscheid will be performing on the CCC campus on Tuesday, November 8.  The public is invited to the 10:30 a.m. humanities performances in the Spencer/Rounds Theatre.  The performance is free.

For more information, call 620-251-7700, ext. 2145 or 2038.