Pre-law Transfer Degree Program

Admission to law school is highly competitive and is based on the student's undergraduate grade point average and a law school admission test.  Law school admission tests help determine a student's reading comprehension and deductive reasoning abilities.

Law schools do not require a specific undergraduate major.  However, the undergraduate major should be sufficiently rigorous, and majors that emphasize verbal and analytical skills are recommended.  Thus, Economics, English, History, Mathematics, Philosophy and Political Science are traditionally good pre-law majors.

A student’s class selections should be planned with the requirements of the transfer institution in mind.

Most students who decide to major in Pre-law at a four-year institution will plan a course of study that will lead to an Associate in Arts Degree.

To complete an associate degree the program emphasis credit hours and the general education credit hours, which must be taken from the list approved by the General Education Committee, must total at least 64 credit hours.