Sociology/Social Work Transfer Degree Program

Stock Photo of a Group of Diverse PeopleThe Sociology program helps students understand the role and influences of our society both present and past.  The program is designed not only for general students, but for sociology, counseling, and social work majors to continue their education at a four-year institution.

A student’s class choices should be planned with the requirements of the transfer institution in mind.  See your advisor for enrollment information and transfer institution requirements.

Most students who decide to major in Sociology/Social Work at a four-year institution will plan a course of study that will lead to an Associate in Arts Degree.

Recommended Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
SOCI-101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOCI-201 American Social Problems 3
FACS-107 Marriage and the Family 3
PSYC-102 Developmental Psychology 3
FLNG-103 Spanish I 5
FLNG-104 Spanish II 5
ENGL-290 Technical Writing 3
FACS-117 Early Childhood Development 3

These courses are also recommended for students pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice or Police Science.

To complete an associate degree the program emphasis credit hours and the general education credit hours, which must be taken from the list approved by the General Education Committee, must total at least 64 credit hours.

Course Descriptions 

FACS-107.  Marriage and the Family.  3 Hours.  This course is a study of all kinds of relationships within the marriage and family experience, including premarital relationships.  The differences among families and marriages, family structures and functions, changes throughout the family life cycle, and the history of marriage and family in American culture will be examined.

SOCI-101.  Introduction to Sociology.  3 Hours.  This course is designed for both the general student and the behavioral science major.  Basic concepts, terms and works of prominent figures who have contributed to sociology are included.

SOCI-124.  Introduction to Criminal Justice. 3 Hours.  This is an introductory course designed to give an overview of the various components of the justice system.  This course is designed for men and women at the beginning of their academic careers and for those who are working in the field of criminal justice and want to broaden their knowledge and advance professionally.  Criminal justice is a practical science exploring the roles of law enforcement, the courts, corrections and criminal behavior and their relationships within the larger framework of public policy.

SOCI-201.  American Social Problems.  3 Hours.  This course examines the social problems which confront today's society.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Sociology or permission of instructor.

SOCI-290.  Problems in Sociology.  2 Hours.  Independent research or a reading program in some field of the student's interest is used in this course which is taught in specially arranged conferences with the instructor.  Prerequisite:  Consent of instructor.