Athletic Advisor

Pam Feerer
Phone: 620.252.7135
Fax: 620.252.7016
Office Location: Student Success Center, Weinberg Hall

The primary goal of the Athletic Advisor is:

  • To make sure student-athletes are eligible under NJCAA guidelines to participate in activities while at Coffeyville Community College.
  • To ensure that student-athletes fulfill their requirements and have a smooth transition to the four-year school of their choice.
  • To guide student-athletes toward the degree of their choice at CCC and at future schools.

The Athletic Advisor works to ensure your eligibility while you are at CCC and in preparation for you to transfer to a NCAA school. The NCAA rules state that you must have a 2.5 GPA to transfer including the completion of two English classes, College Algebra and a science class. The advisor also works to ensure that you will have at least 48 credits of transferable hours with a "B & C" average.

The Athletic Advisor takes pride in working with CCC coaches to make sure that you are successful as a student-athlete. Academic success is of the utmost importance at CCC. Coaches and academic staff will take the steps necessary to give you the tools to become not just a successful player on a team rich in tradition, but also help assist you in becoming a college graduate.