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Coffeyville Community College offers two methods to request official transcripts:

Ordering from the Parchment Web Site

This is the recommended option for the most timely processing of transcript requests from CCC, and the required option if paying by debit/credit card.

Ordering transcripts through Parchment will provide the recipient with your official Coffeyville Community College transcript, and you are able to track the progress of the request through their website.

Transcript requests will be given the status "on hold" if the student has a balance on their account.  Once the student account is paid in full, please let the Registrar's Office know that your request is ready to be processed.  The CCC Business Office can provide account details if you see this message on your request in Parchment.

Parchment requests are usually processed within two days.  However, you should allow up to two weeks at the beginning and end of a semester or when the college is closed for breaks.

Parchment will charge fees through their website, and will be disclosed through the request process.  The cost will vary between delivery methods and number of transcripts ordered.

Your transcript is the official, permanent record of all the courses you have attended.

Parchment offers:

  • Secure, on-line access to request your transcript 24/7.
  • Email notification when transcripts are processed and received.
  • On-line tracking ability.
  • The option to request electronic delivery of your transcript.
Order Credentials from Parchment

Order Official CCC Transcripts Through Parchment**

**Please note that Parchment will charge fees through their website for transmitting scholarships. Fees vary between delivery methods and number of transcripts ordered. Fees are disclosed on the Parchment website linked above.

Ordering Directly from the CCC Registrar's Office

You are encouraged to use Parchment for faster service and the ability to track the progress of your request.  However, you can complete a form in the Registrar's Office, or mail the form in, with $3 cash.  Card payments can not be processed by this office.  Please use Parchment if you need to pay by debit/credit card.

Notice: CCC will not accept faxed transcript requests.

Release Form

Transcript Release Form (PDF)