Foreign Language Transfer Degree Program

If a student enters college with one year or less of foreign language, the student should take an elementary course in that language.  The student's class choices should be chosen with the help of an advisor and with the transfer institution in mind. 

Most students who decide to major in a Foreign Language at a four-year institution will plan a course of study that will lead to an Associate in Arts Degree.

Recommended Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
FLNG-103 Spanish I 5
FLNG-104 Spanish II 5
FLNG-203 Spanish III 3
FLNG-204 Spanish IV 3

To complete an associate degree the program emphasis credit hours and the general education credit hours, which must be taken from the list approved by the General Education Committee, must total at least 64 credit hours.

Description of Courses 

FLNG-101.  French I.  5 Hours.  This course includes study of the structure of the language, drill in pronunciation, elementary conversation and reading.

FLNG-103.  Spanish I.  5 Hours.  This course includes the study of the structure of the language, elementary conversation, reading and writing.

FLNG-104.  Spanish II.   5 Hours.  This course is a continuation of Spanish I:  the study of the structure of the language, elementary conversation, reading and writing.  The class is designed to include cultural awareness and reading short stories written by major Hispanic writers.  Prerequisite:  Spanish I or instructor's permission.

FLNG-203.  Spanish III.  3 Hours.  This course includes the reading of modern short stories, poetry and drama.   This is an intermediate Spanish course which integrates language and culture by reviewing grammatical points with high interest topics.  The class is designed to develop language skills and cultural awareness through the active use of art, music and literature from the Spanish-speaking world. Prerequisite:  Spanish II or its equivalent.

FLNG-204.  Spanish IV.  3 Hours.  This course includes the review of the structure of the language, composition, and conversation.  Prerequisite:  Spanish III or its equivalent.