Construction Technology Program Costs and Supply List

Per semester full-time* part-time*
Tuition/Fees (Kansas Resident) $2280 $1140
Tuition/Fees (Contiguous Mo./Okla. Counties)** $2520 $1260
Tuition/Fees (Non-Resident) $3456 $1728
Additional Costs    
Shop Fee*** $400 $200
Tools (estimated) $440 $440
Textbooks (estimated) $200 $200

*Full-time is based on 24 credit hours, part-time is based on 12 credit hours.

**Contiguous Missouri and Oklahoma counties:
Oklahoma counties include: Nowata, Washington, Ottawa, Craig, Osage and Rogers.
Missouri counties include: McDonald, Newton, Jasper, Barton and Vernon.

***Shop fee covers materials, supplies and safety glasses used in the classroom. All students are required to wear safety glasses, and attire appropriate for working conditions.

Quality of the tools is up to the student; therefore the price would vary with quality. All personal tools should be permanently inscribed with the student’s name.

Textbooks may be purchased at the College Bookstore. Used ones may be available. Phone number is 620-252-7555.

Tool List

  • Safety glasses.
  • Sturdy boots or appropriate shoes
  • Carpenter’s tool/nail pouch
  • 1 locks, master lock or a combination
  • Hammer
  • Speed square
  • Utility knife
  • Chalk line
  • Tape measure, minimum 25’
  • Scientific calculator
  • Carpenter pencils
  • Hard hat

Graduation Fee

Students completing the program will have a fee of $45.00.

All of the above costs are subject to change. Please verify costs at time of enrollment.

All students must sign an insurance waiver before they will be allowed on the shop floor.

Cost of Attendance

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