COVID-19 FAQ: Details About CCC's Fall Reopening

Coffeyville Community College Official Seal in Red

Will CCC reopen for normal face-to-face classes for the Fall semester?

Yes, CCC campuses will resume a modified normal operation for the fall semester with classes starting on August 11th on all campuses.

When can I return to campus for the Fall Semester?

CCC campuses will reopen on Monday, August 3rd for student and community traffic.  The Residence Halls will reopen on July 21st for select student/athletes coming from hot spot states and International students for a quarantine period.  (See below dates)  Students will be contacted by their respective coach/activity director to alert them to their scheduled return date.  General students and students from non-hot spot locations will be allowed to return to the Residence Halls starting August 8th.  Students will only be allowed to check-in during their designated dates and times.  Adherence to the following schedule will be strictly enforced.

Quarantine move in dates
July 21st - Football and Baseball
July 22nd - Mens & Womens Soccer and Track
July 23rd – Mens & Womens Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer, Dance, General, and Softball

Regular move in dates
August 8th - Walker Hall
August 9th - Powell Hall
August 10 - Those that are left

Please fill out the Residence Hall agreement and pay the $100 reservation fee as soon as possible to reserve a room for the fall semester.

Will my family be allowed to help me move into the Residence Halls when I return?

Yes, each student may bring in one additional family member to help them move into the Residence Halls.  However, everyone will need to pass a health screening (e.g. temperature check, how are you feeling, symptoms, travel activity, etc.) prior to entering the building.  Anyone not passing the health screening will NOT be allowed inside CCC facilities.

Will I need to be tested for COVID-19 prior to returning to campus?

Although you are more than welcome to have yourself tested at home, it is not required prior to arrival on campus.  All students residing in the CCC residence halls will be screened and tested for the Coronavirus upon arrival on campus.

Will I be required to wear a mask on campus?

Yes, students will be required to wear a mask in all classes and high traffic areas (e.g. Student Success Center, Cafeteria, Bookstore, etc.) where 6’ social distancing cannot be maintained.  Student are responsible for bringing their own reusable mask.  CCC will provide disposable masks if needed while supplies last.  Students will not be allowed to enter classes without a mask.

Will social distancing be required?

Yes, everyone will be asked to maintain a minimum 6’ social distancing in all areas of the CCC campuses.  In any area where the 6’ requirement cannot be maintained everyone will be required to wear a mask.

How do I enroll for the fall semester?

Please contact the Student Success Center, [email protected] to arrange a time to enroll for the Fall 2020 semester.  Coffeyville Technical Campus students need to contact [email protected] to enroll.  Columbus Technical Campus students need to contact [email protected] to enroll.  Students may also contact their respective advisor/activity sponsor/coach. 

Fall 2020 Enrollment Steps

How do I request a transcript to be sent to another school?

Go to the CCC website to request a transcript. If you have questions please contact the College Registrar, [email protected].

How to Request Your Transcript From CCC 

How do I get my personal belongings from my dorm room from the spring semester?

Please contact your coach/activity director to make arrangement to secure your personal belongings this summer.  Students are responsible to make arrangements to secure their personal items.  CCC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.