Nursing Application Frequently Asked Questions

I’m currently a student at Coffeyville Community College.  Why do I need official transcripts?

a. Official transcripts are required to ensure your official records are being reviewed to make final decisions on a student’s qualifications for the program.
b. Even though you are a student at CCC, your official transcripts are required for review by a separate evaluation committee who is responsible for evaluating a student’s educational background and qualifications.
c. To obtain official transcripts from Coffeyville Community College, go the Registrar’s Office on the second floor of the Student Union to request official transcripts.  A $3 fee will be assessed for official transcripts, or $5 if paying with a credit card.
d. All official college transcripts are required as part of your nursing application packet.

Do I need my childhood immunization records?

a.  Yes.  Each student needs a complete immunization record on file which is required for students to participate in clinical rotations at area health care facilities.
B. However, immunization records are not required UNTIL you are officially accepted into the Nursing program.

Do I need a background check now?

a. To make application to the program, you do not need to get a background check.
b. If you are accepted into the nursing program, you will be required to complete a background check at that time. You will receive directions to complete the background check in your acceptance letter.

I am not currently working, so I can not get a letter of reference from an employer.  What should I do?

a. You should approach a current or former faculty member to request a letter of recommendation.
b. You can also approach a former employer to request a letter of recommendation.

I am interested in applying to the nursing program. When are you accepting applications?

Applications are accepted once a year from January through May. The program begins each August and runs August-May. Selected candidates will be notified by mail in writing for the Nursing Program.

Can I still apply for the nursing program if I am currently enrolled in prerequisite classes at the time the application is due?

Yes, you may still apply. You will be required to have completed those required prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or better prior to starting the program in August. If you are accepted into the Nursing Program, you will need to bring in an updated official transcript upon completion of those courses.

Is your Nursing Program accredited, and how does that affect me?

Coffeyville Community College is accredited through The Higher Learning Commission and the Nursing Program is approved through the Kansas State Board of Nursing as required by the Kansas Nurse Practice Act. The Kansas State Board of Nursing does not require additional national accreditation of nursing programs in Kansas. Although national accreditation is optional, Coffeyville Community College Nursing Program plans to seek accreditation for its LPN and RN programs. At this time, our programs are not nationally accredited.  Our accreditation status does not 1) affect being able to take the NCLEX exam for licensure, 2) affect obtaining your nursing license, and 3) has not affected our graduates when securing employment as an LPN or RN. The only issue you may encounter is if you plan to further your education into a BSN or Master’s program. These programs may require you to be a graduate of an accredited nursing program. We currently have agreements with Aspen University, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Fort Hays State University, MidAmerica Nazarene University, National American University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Ottawa University, Pittsburg State University, Rasmussen College, Saint Luke’s College, Southwestern College, Tabor College, Washburn University, and Wichita State University. These institutions will readily accept our graduates for their RN to BSN programs while we are seeking national accreditation.