Faculty and Staff Handbook: Benefits and Compensation


Payroll will be distributed by the last working day of the month, and maintenance will be paid twice monthly as scheduled.  Employees who wish to have their paycheck mailed must notify the Human Resource Office in writing.  Written authorization must be received to release payroll checks to anyone other than the employee.
Time sheets for hourly personnel shall be turned in one week prior to payday or on the 20th to the Human Resource Office and shall be signed by the immediate supervisor for such personnel.

Time Reports and Overtime Pay

Each classified employee will submit and sign a monthly time sheet which is to be signed by the employee's immediate supervisor stating the number of hours worked during each week of the month.  The information will be reported to the Human Resource Office once each month, but the record will be kept on a weekly basis.
Federal minimum wage regulations require that specific records must be kept of each employee's time on a weekly basis.

Lump Sum Payments

All faculty employed on full-time, nine or ten- month contracts will be paid over a twelve-month period.  Faculty may request a Lump Sum payment for June and July payroll checks to be included with their May payroll check.  Written request must be received by April 20th to the Human Resource Office.

Family and Medical Leave

Family and medical leave as required by federal law shall be granted for a period of not more than 12 weeks during a twelve-month period.  For purposes of this/her policy, a twelve-month period shall be defined as a fiscal year beginning on July 1 and ending the following June 30.  Spouses employed by the College may only take an aggregate of 12 weeks of leave for a birth or adoption of a child or to care for a child with a serious health condition.
Leave is available because of (1) the birth of a son or daughter of the employee and to care for the son or daughter; (2) the placement of a son or daughter with the employee for adoption or foster care; (3) the need to care for a spouse, son, daughter or parent of the employee because of a serious health condition, or (4) a serious health condition of the employee that prevents the employee from performing the job functions.  (Leave for reason 1 or 2 must be taken within 12 months of birth or placement.)
The leave shall normally be unpaid leave.  However, if the employee has any paid vacation, personal, sick or disability leave that is available for use because of the reason for the leave, the paid leave shall be used first and counted toward the annual family and medical leave.  The President (or designee) will notify the employee prior to or during the leave period that the leave has been designated as paid family and medical leave.  
The employee is eligible for family and medical leave upon completion of 12 months of service in the College and employed at least 1250 hours during the preceding year.
When leave is foreseeable, the employee shall give written notice 30 days in advance.  If leave is not foreseeable, notice will be given as soon as practicable.
The President may require an instructional employee to continue leave until the end of a semester if the leave begins more than five (5) weeks before the end of a semester, lasts more than three (3) weeks and the return would occur during the last three (3) weeks of the semester.

Personal Leave

All full-time employees shall be allowed, but not to exceed, three (3) days personal leave per year, non-accumulative, without loss of pay.  All regular, part-time employees  receive personal days prorated to their part-time status.  Personal leave may be granted for activities that cannot be handled outside regular working hours.  Request  for such leave should be submitted prior to the date personal leave is to begin and is subject to the supervisor’s approval.   Personal leave shall not ordinarily be granted the first or last week of a semester, in consecutive days, or the day prior to or following a holiday or vacation period.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees shall be eligible for paid sick leave, taken in no less than one-half day increments, if all the following terms and conditions are met: Full-time employees will be eligible for paid sick leave at the rate of one (1) day per month of employment.  Eligibility for up to sixty (60) days of paid sick leave may be accumulated, and eligibility accumulated prior to this/her date shall be counted toward such sixty (60) days.  

Employees will be eligible to receive paid sick leave if they are absent from work because of injury or illness of the employee, including illness caused or contributed to by pregnancy, or injury or illness of an immediate family member. Payment of sick leave shall be subject, after two (2) consecutive days absence, to medical certification substantiating the reason for the absence.  Sick leave is not paid until employees are absent from work because of injury of illness.  No sick leave will be paid for accumulations of unused sick leave at the time an employee’s employment with the College terminates.  Sick leave will be submitted in no less than half-day increments.  Employees classified as regular, part-time are eligible for sick leave prorated to their part-time status.  The same conditions and restrictions as above apply to regular, part-time employees.


Full time, classified employees will receive paid monthly vacation as follows:
1-10 years:   10 days per year or .83 day per month
For a maximum balance of 20 days

11 and over:  15 days per year or 1.25 days per month
For a maximum balance of 30 days

Vacation for professional/administrative staff will be as follows:
1-10 years:  20 days per year or 1.66 days per month
For a maximum balance of 40 days

11 and over: 25 days per year or 2.08 days per month
For a maximum balance of 50 days

Vacation will be awarded on the 1st of each month of employment.  Vacation must be approved by immediate supervisor before use. Once maximum balance is accrued, employees will no longer be awarded additional vacation time. Accrued vacation days may be used immediately. Vacation days cannot be taken in advance of accrual. Vacation leave will be submitted in no less than half-day increments. Employees classified as regular, part-time are eligible for vacation leave prorated to their part-time status. The same conditions and restrictions as above apply to regular, part-time employees.

Paid Bereavement Leave

Full-time employees shall be granted bereavement leave, not to exceed three (3) days, for each occurrence without loss of pay for a death in the employee’s family.   For the purpose of this/her policy, “family” is defined as follows:  grandparents, parents, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother, sister, spouse, child, grandchild or other relative living in the immediate household of the employee.   The appropriate Vice President may approve leave for the employee to attend the funeral of a non-family member.  In case of unusual circumstances, up to two additional days of bereavement leave may be granted.

Paid Holidays

All full-time hourly maintenance employees are eligible for the following paid holidays.

Holidays Days
New Year's Day 1 day
Martin Luther King, Jr. 1 day
Good Friday 1 day
Memorial Day 1 day
July Fourth 1 day
Labor Day 1 day
Thanksgiving 2 days
Christmas 6 days

To be eligible, employees must work the day before and after a paid holiday to receive holiday pay unless they have prior approval by their supervisor on file.

Workers Compensation

Whenever an employee is absent from work and is receiving workers compensation benefits due to a work-related injury or is receiving College- paid disability insurance, the employee may use available paid sick leave to supplement the workers compensation or college-paid disability insurance payments.  In no event shall the employee be entitled to an amount in excess of their full salary.  Available paid sick leave may be used for this/her purpose until 1) available paid sick leave benefits are exhausted; 2) the employee returns to work, or 3) employment is terminated.  Sick leave shall be deducted on a prorated amount equal to the percentage of salary paid by the College.

Military Leave 

Employees are entitled to military leave under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994.  Full-time employees who present to the President official orders to report for military service shall be granted a leave with pay not to exceed ten (10) working days per contract year for the purpose of military service, provided any military service pay earned during the employee’s workday(s) shall be deducted from the employee’s salary.  The College shall have the right to request written verification of the military pay.  No other leave shall be used for this/her purpose.

The employee may be absent for up to five (5) years for military duty and retain reemployment rights. The College has the right to request that an individual who is absent for a period of service of thirty-one days or more provide documentation showing: the application for reemployment is timely; the five-year service limitation has not been exceeded and separation from service was under honorable conditions.


There shall be no overtime unless prior approval is granted by the immediate supervisor.

Compensatory Time (Comp Time) will be utilized and records kept in the Human Resource Office.  Comp Time will be calculated according to FLSA standards.  Employees may carry over a maximum of 20 hours comp time to the next fiscal year.  Any hours accumulated over 20 must be used prior to vacation or personal leave.

Compensation for Out-of-Town and Overnight Trips

When classified personnel are required to be out of town on College business, they shall be compensated in the following manner:
Regular or overtime pay as appropriate for time away from Coffeyville MINUS:

  1. Eight hours for sleep when overnight;
  2. Reasonable time for meals (normally one hour per meal), and
  3. Time used exclusively for pleasure or personal business. 

Tuition Scholarship Benefit

All full-time employees, their spouses and dependent children (unmarried and up to age 26), and College retirees, may receive a tuition scholarship in the amount of the charge per credit hour for each College credit hour taken by such individual at the College.  A Tuition Scholarship Form, available in the Human Resource Office, must be completed by the employee at the time of pre-enrollment. Part-time employees are eligible for up to 3 credit hours of tuition scholarship (per semester) and must be employed during the semester of the scholarship.  The Tuition Scholarship applies to classes offered by the College and does not apply to seminars or non-credit workshops.