Faculty and Staff Handbook: Bookstore

Book Returns

Students who receive loan of books as part of their scholarship must return textbooks by the deadline date at the end of the semester.  The student’s account will be charged for any textbook not returned.

If a student changes or drops a class, the texts may be returned under these conditions:

  1. Returns must be accompanied by the register receipt and the drop slip. New books must be free of all markings with pencil or ink.
  2. The Bookstore staff is the sole judge in determining whether books returned are in new or used condition.  Trade books and special orders are not returnable.
  3. Returns are allowed for two weeks only at the beginning of each term and one week for summer school.


The teaching staff submits book requirements to the Bookstore indicating author, title, edition, etc.  The Bookstore then proceeds to order the books, often taking into account the sales history of each title, estimated number of students, etc.  The Bookstore has no voice in selection of title or editions.  Selling prices are determined by the publishers.

Reasons the Bookstore may run out of stock are:

  1. An unusually large number of enrollments than estimated.
  2. A last minute change of instructors in a course.
  3. The title is temporarily out of stock at the publisher's warehouse. The Bookstore usually reorders as soon as the shortage is discovered.  Faculty should continue to check with the Bookstore.  


The Bookstore will buy books for cash at the end of each semester if the book is current, in good condition and will be used again.  Only those books used the previous semester will be repurchased.  Times are posted around campus.  It is the student's responsibility to check on these times.

Ways Faculty Can Help the Bookstore

  1. Please order books early by the date requested. Late orders cost more and may inconvenience the students.
  2. Please order only the books you will really need.
  3. When ordering books, please be sure to specify all the information as to author, title, edition, volume, copyright, publisher, book number and when needed during the semester.  Also indicate if the book is to be a hardback or paperback.
  4. Please remember the Bookstore is not an endless supply of books.  Books not in stock have to be reordered and that requires process and delivery time.
  5. Make your optional books known to the Bookstore before the semester begins.  It is better to have your students special order these instead of having a stock carried in the store.
  6. When class enrollments exceed your original expectations, or if your class is cancelled, please advise the Bookstore at once.
  7. Please remember your remarks in class affect the way students buy their books.  Example:
    a.    Everyone will need this/her book to complete this course.
    b.    We will only use a couple of chapters of this book.
    c.     This book is nice to have, but don't really need it.
  8. If you decide to change a book for the next semester, please let the Bookstore know so they can dispose of the over stock.  If the book is an old edition, please work with the Bookstore closely as this/her affects buy backs.
  9. Please be cautious with publishers' representatives.  Be certain that the new book being promoted meets all your requirements before changing the old one.  If publication date is uncertain before the semester starts, beware; your students may start the semester without a book.
  10. Communication is very important.  Share the facts, share the problems and advise the Bookstore so we can work together.
  11. Faculty may check books out “on loan” from the bookstore for up to 30 days.  After that time, the department will be charged with the cost of the book.
  12. All faculty and staff are entitled to a 10% discount on all items excluding books.  This pertains to cash sales only.