Faculty and Staff Handbook: Registrar

Master Calendar

Class schedules are printed and distributed each April for the upcoming Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters.  Information printed in these schedules includes general information concerning enrollment procedures, the actual class schedule, a Final Exam schedule and a MASTER CALENDAR.  The MASTER CALENDAR includes, but is not limited to, the following information:

  1. Beginning and ending dates of the semester
  2. Last day for tuition/fee refunds
  3. Last day to drop/add classes
  4. Semester Certification Dates
  5. Class Rosters
  6. Mid-Term of semester
  7. Enrollment for upcoming semester
  8. Final Exams
  9. Final Rosters
  10. Graduation
  11. Last day for book refund and book buy-back at Bookstore
  12. Student I.D.’s
  13. Placement Testing
  14. Office Hours

Change in Registration

If a student wishes to change class time, drop a class, or add a class, they must contact the Registrar’s Office and complete a Schedule Change Form.   The procedures is not finalized until the student receives authorized signatures on the form including a signature from the Registrar’s Office and the student’s academic advisor.  

Failure to change registration, except according to the above procedure, will result in a grade of “F” recorded on the permanent record of the student.  

  1. For any course changes made after the student finalizes his/her/her enrollment, the student must obtain initials of the academic advisor and each instructor whose class is being dropped or added.
  2. A student who withdraws from a course after the 20th day of classes will receive a “W” (no grade or penalty) for that course.
  3. A student will be allowed to drop a course up to and including the Final Drop Day (the last business day of the 13th week of the semester) as indicated on the Master Calendar.  The last day to drop for Summer Sessions will be five (5) business days before the beginning of Final Examinations as indicated on the Master Calendar.
  4. A student remains responsible for payment of tuition and fees if the drop occurs after the tuition refund dates.

Class Rosters

Rosters are distributed to faculty four (4) times each semester for classes beginning the first day of the semester (Standard Courses). 

  1. First Official Roster
  2. Semester Certification Roster (20th Day)
  3. Mid-Term Grade Roster
  4. Final Grade Roster

Semester Certification (20th Day) Rosters for late-starting classes (Mini Courses) are distributed to faculty based upon 25% class completion.  Each set of rosters have a message and/or a memo attached with instructions.  It is extremely important to follow the instructions included with each set of rosters.

Mid-term Semester and Rosters

Rosters are distributed for assigning grades the week before mid-term grades are due in the Registrar’s Office.  No mid-term grades are mailed to the student from the Registrar’s Office.  It is the responsibility of faculty advisors to meet with the students they advise to discuss mid-term grades, which is a key student retention activity.

A report showing the grades of a student will be available online through the RAVEN ACCESS system at the end of a semester or session.  


Ceremonies are held in May each year for students completing the Associate Degree or a Certificate of Achievement.  Faculty members participate in graduation ceremonies held in May.  The College provides academic regalia for full-time, permanent faculty.  It is the responsibility of the faculty members to contact the Registrar’s Office no later than October 1 to have their academic regalia ordered.