Online Classes Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful answers, we hope, to questions about online classes at Coffeyville Community College.

Does Federal Financial Aid count towards online courses if I take enough hours to be considered a full time student?

Students taking online courses can be eligible for federal student aid, including Pell Grants and student loans.  Students must be enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate and must be enrolled in courses that are part of the eligible degree or certificate in order to receive federal aid.  As long as the online courses you are taking are needed for the degree or certificate and you haven't already fulfilled that requirement you can receive federal aid for taking online courses.  If you are not certain if the program you are enrolling in is eligible for federal aid please check with the Financial Aid Office.

When are my classes available in Brightspace?

Your classes will show up in Brightspace once you are officially enrolled/Registered through RedConnect. You won’t have access to your classes until the first day of class.

What is the Attendance Policy for Online Courses?

Online courses at CCC are asynchronous, and students will have weekly requirements for participation.  Logging into the online class does NOT quantify attending the course.  Attendance Activities may encompass the following:  submitting an academic assignment, taking an exam, or participating in an online discussion. 

Attendance is established during the first week of an online course by completing the Attendance Activity.  Additional coursework will be required during the first week that will impact the student's grade.  The first week of the online course begins at 8:00 am (CST) on the course start date through 4 pm (CST) on the 7th day.  Students will be administratively withdrawn from the course for failure to meet the attendance requirement, and the institution's refund policy will be applied. 

How often should I login to Brightspace?

Online classes will have weekly assignments. Students are not required to be logged in during specific days/times, but they must meet deadlines and due dates. It is recommended that students login a minimum of 3 times a week to check class announcements and complete assignments/quizzes. Students should check their CCC institutional email every 1-2 days.

Is there an app?

Yes, there is an app available in both the Apple and Google store called the PULSE App. It is recommended that you not rely 100% on the app and that you login through a browser weekly.

I had access to my class yesterday, but it isn’t listed today?

If you see a course one day and not the next, you were most likely dropped from the course. Contact your instructor to find out why.

Will I have proctored exams?

Your instructor may require you to obtain a live proctor or to use a CCC approved video proctoring service. More information will be available in your course syllabus.

How do I communicate with my online instructor?

Students are required to use their CCC email for all communication regarding CCC business. Brightspace also has various resources to communicate with your instructor, see your course syllabus for more information. Emails sent through Brightspace go directly to your CCC email.