CCC Scholarship Policy

Last Revision January 2014

Coffeyville Community College offers scholarships on a competitive basis for academics, activities and athletics to high school graduates and individuals who have successfully completed the General Education Development Examination.

  1. All students are responsible for the payment of institutional fees. The only exception to this policy would be for those individuals who are awarded the Presidential Honors Scholarship, they are awarded fees.
  2. Scholarships may be effective for up to two academic years, as determined by sponsors and in accordance with NJCAA regulations.
  3. Activity/Athletic Sponsors may submit a written appeal to any member of the Scholarship Committee for exceptions to the scholarship policy.
  4. All students on a CCC scholarship who reside outside of a 60 mile radius are required to live in the College residence halls.

Scholarships Available

Scholarships for academic, technical, activity and athletic programs vary in dollar amounts.   Please refer to the agreement that you signed.

Scholarship Academic Requirements

Scholarship recipients must be a full-time student making reasonable progress toward a degree.  For Activity and Athletic scholarships, reasonable progress is defined by the following parameters:

  1. Passing 12 credit hours or the clock hour equivalent per semester with a 2.0 grade point average.  First semester students who do not complete 12 hours their first semester will be automatically suspended from scholarship but may appeal to the Scholarship Committee prior to the first day of classes.
  2. If the GPA after the first semester for a full-time freshman is between 1.75 and 2.0 the student can keep their scholarship but will be placed on probation for one semester.  
  3. A student on probation who fails to pass 12 credit hours or the clock hour equivalent with a 2.0 grad point average will be placed on suspension and the scholarship terminated.
  4. Students may only appeal one time and may only be on probation for one semester.  It is the responsibility of coaches, activity sponsors and students to read and understand the requirements of the scholarship.

Scholarship Satisfactory Academic Progress will follow the same guidelines as Federal Financial Aid, unless an exception has been made by a Vice President in writing.

  1. Students on Federal Aid as well as scholarship must be progressing towards a degree and in order to do that must be working towards a pace that allows them to graduate within a maximum timeframe.  Students will be expected to complete their graduation requirements within 4 semesters.  Federal Aid does allow a student up to 150% of length of the program to complete the requirements and still receive federal aid however if at any point it is determined that a student can not complete his degree with in the maximum timeframe for the program the student is no longer eligible for federal aid or scholarships.  
  2. Students that are not able to graduate within the expected 4 semesters or 64 credit hours will need to file an extension to determine continuing federal aid eligibility and scholarship eligibility will require pre-approval from the Vice President for Innovations and Business Initiatives.

For further information regarding our Federal Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Policy, click this link, or you can request a copy from the Financial Aid Office.

Scholarship Violations and Consequences

Students must meet all scholarship requirements as per the activity sponsor/coach scholarship agreement to be eligible for the scholarship the following semester.

If a student does not meet the scholarship requirements (i.e. academic performance, disciplinary reasons, poor attitude/cooperativeness, lack of attendance, and/or missed performances) each semester, Coffeyville Community College reserves the right to revoke the scholarship or decrease the scholarship award at the conclusion of the semester.

  1. A Coach or Activity sponsor may revoke the scholarship prior to the 20th day of each semester if student does not meet the scholarship requirements.  
  2. The Coach or Activity sponsor must notify the student in writing of the rationale for their decision to revoke or decrease the scholarship.     
  3. If a student is in violation of institutional policy, a scholarship can be revoked at any point during the semester.  If the violation occurs before the mid-point of the semester a student may be responsible for all charges.  If the violation occurred after the mid-point of the semester the scholarship would cover the expenses. 

Scholarship stipulations, guidelines and notes

  1. Students will remain on the original scholarship, unless special circumstances warrant a change.  Activity sponsors/Coach must agree to scholarship transfers and the transfer must be pre-approved in writing the Vice President for Innovations and Business Initiatives.  
  2. Coffeyville Community College must receive the Scholarship Agreement for each student 30 days after the date of the scholarship offer or the scholarship offer will become null and void. Student must also apply for admissions within 30 days of signing scholarship agreement and the agreement must be completed in its entirety or it becomes null and void.  
  3. Students who receive loan of books as part of the scholarship must return textbooks by the deadline date at the end of the semester.  A student’s account will be charged for any textbook not returned.
  4. Students may only receive one institutional scholarship.
  5. Scholarships do not apply to the Fall Interim Session or classes offered during the July Summer Session.
  6. Students who are in default on a federal student loan will not be eligible for any type of federal or institutional aid.