Federal Aid Programs

Federally financed educational assistance programs are determined on the basis of income and assets of both the parents and the student. The income is determined by considering the net family income, the number of dependents, other children in college, etc. Assets considered include the student’s savings and the parents’ savings, bank accounts, other investments and capital value of a business or farm. The difference between the reasonable cost of attending college and the reasonable amount the parents and students can provide is called NEED and is the amount that the Financial Aid Office will endeavor to provide from one source or a combination of sources. The college requests that the student submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine a reasonable expectation of what the student and parents may contribute. Applications are available from any high school counselor or college Financial Aid Office.

July 1st is the deadline for submitting the FAFSA AND any requested documents to complete your file and award. This will ensure that we have time to review your documents and award aid before classes begin in August. You may still submit documents after the July 1st deadline and request aid, however you may experience delays in processing.

How to Apply

Here’s where you start

Click on the hyperlink below to begin the application progress. The federal code for Coffeyville Community College is:  001910.

Electronic Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)