Coffeyville Community College Work Study Program

Updated for the 2022-2023 Fall and Spring Semesters

Student must have Federal Work Study eligibility to be selected for any of the jobs listed below. Please turn in work study applications to the Information Desk on the top level of the CCC Student Union. Any questions regarding Federal Work Study can be directed to CCC Financial Aid Advisor Jennifer DeRosa at [email protected], or in person at the CCC Financial Aid Office.

Work Study Job Application

2022-2023 Work Study Job Application (PDF, opens in new window)


Available Work Study Jobs

Coffeyville Boys and Girls Club, Supervisor-Griffin Walker 
Supervise members of Boys & Girls Club of Southeast for the duration of Club hours. The grade level
of any club member can range from kindergarten to sixth grade and/or through junior high and high
school. Keep members on task and on schedule for each activity during Club hours. Full
interaction with children is required.
Hours per week- 15
Job qualifications and preferences- A desire to work with children be punctual and reliable, have conflict resolution skills and have communication skills.  MUST HAVE TRANSPORTATION

Early Learning Center Boys and Girls Club Student Assistant, Supervisor-Griffin Walker   
Interact with children while engaged in an educational based activity. Cleaning up the room when the program ends each day.
 Hours per week-15
Job qualifications or preferences- job site is not on campus, students must be able to provide own transportation to the ELC.  Love mentoring small children while providing a safe, nurturing environment.  Current CPR card, pass a background check and have tb test verification within the past year.  *Students must also complete the online application through the USD 445 website.

CCC Campus Facilities, Supervisor-Kris Wech
Assist technicians, clean classrooms and buildings
Hours per week: 10-20
Job qualifications: Dependable, available to work Monday through Friday evenings.

Coffeyville Friends of Animals (Animal Shelter), Supervisor-Auxana Whatley
Students will be cleaning kennels, feeding animals, washing, folding, and putting away laundry, cleaning
the floors, washing dishes, taking out the trash, as well as cleaning the outdoor kennels.
Hours per week- 15
Job qualifications and preferences- Must be able to lift at least 60 pounds, experience with a variety of dogs and cats preferred.

Community Elementary School
Students would be helping our struggling students with their reading and math assignments.  They could be reviewing math facts, and sight words, completing assignments, listening to them read, reading to them, helping them with writing assignments, etc.

Hours per week: 10-20
Job qualifications: Love kids, be patient and caring, willing to listen and follow directions

City Recreation Commission, Supervisor-David Rains
Assist with Mowing and maintaining park and fields, setup game and practice fields and equipment, clean and prepare facilities for recreation program use, help facilitate youth soccer and youth flag football programs as needed and other duties as assigned.  Assist with setup and tear down for special events.
Hours per week- 10 but is flexible
Job qualifications and preferences-student must provide their own transportation to and from the recreation facilities, knowledge of grass cutting and trimming, must have valid driver’s license.

Columbus Campus Student Maintenance Assistant, Supervisor-Kari Soper
Student will be working at the Columbus Technical Campus providing maintenance and custodial support for three buildings on campus.  This job requires lifting. Any other duties as assigned.
Hours per week 6-10
Job qualifications or preferences-student must be a hard worked and able to lift 50 lbs. must be willing to show up on time and on a regular basis.

Mailroom Student Assistant, Supervisor-Ashley Tatman
Primary duties will be to process incoming and outgoing mail at the campus mail room. These duties include, but are not limited to, sorting and putting up packages, which can occasionally weigh up to 50 pounds. Students will sort packages by student and faculty mail. A list will be provided for faculty names to be sorted. Students will put names of students and faculty in notebook to keep the packages organized when the packages arrive.  Student employees will also receive deliveries from UPS, USPS and FedEx. The job also includes checking in and assigning packages and emailing students and faculty when packages have arrived into the mailroom. Student employees, at times, will be asked to assist the Marketing Department for mailings and other minor tasks, and other duties may also include hanging up signs around campus.
Hours per week- 8-10
Job qualifications or preferences- Must be able to lift 30-50 lbs. and be available for work between 9-3. Must be trustworthy, good customer service and communication skills.

Medical Assistant Program, Supervisor- Cami Conley
Work-study students will:  Help create new, clean up previous, maintain files, and make copies. Help prep lab for next class session and help organize accreditation paperwork.
Hours per week: 2-4
Job qualifications or preferences- available for work on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Rodeo Program Student Assistant, Supervisor-Johnny Weil 
Student would assist in the handing of livestock, helping with recruiting tours, assisting at practices, and other duties as assigned. 
Hours per week-3-10
Job qualifications and preferences-student must understand livestock and rodeo, excellent communication skills

Science Office Assistant, Supervisor-Amy Lumley
Assist in setting up labs, cleaning lab equipment, preparing materials for labs, and any other duties as assigned. Assisting instructors with classroom preparations such as making copies and research
Hours per Week- 5-10
Job qualifications and preference- Must be responsible, willing to clean (lab equipment), and able to following directions and safety rules. Completion of Chem I or chemistry background is preferred.

Women’s Soccer Assistant, Supervisor-Jerrid Schicke/Keelan Barker   
The purpose of the student’s job: Assist with Day to day clerical work in office, laundry, upload recorded game film, and other duties assigned pertinent to the program
Hours per week-5-10
Job qualifications or preferences-Detail oriented and punctual, Knowledge of soccer rules and regulations. Bilingual is preferred.

Student Success Center Student Tutors, Supervisor-Mona Walker/Pam Feerer
Tutoring Math and English, assisting students with assignments, computer issues, and any other problems they may be having.
Hours per week-2-10
Job qualifications or preferences- Must be able to work Monday through Thursday in the evenings, or sometimes in the mornings during peak times for tutoring.  Thorough, Attention to Detail, Punctual and Reliable, Kind, Understanding, and Patient.  College algebra preferred

Track Office Student Assistant, Supervisor-Robert Wood
To help with organization and equipment tracking and filing, general meet help and timing.
Hours per week- 15-20
Job qualifications-knowledge of track and field/ cross country. Must be able to help with practice and meets.

Women’s Basketball Student Assistant, Supervisor-Tony Turner
Complete laundry, paperwork, cleaning the locker room, and taking care of gear, stat games and equipment
Hours per Week-10+
Job Qualifications-Must be flexible to work throughout the day. Must have a team first attitude and willing to be an extension to the coaches. Must be trustworthy, dependable and dedicated to the team.

EQUAL EDUCATION STATEMENT: Coffeyville Community College is committed to a policy of educational equity. Accordingly, the College has an open admissions policy; grants financial aid and scholarships; provides access to five (5) associate degrees, 15 career and technical programs, and five (5) certificate programs; and, all educational program activities and employment practices without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, ancestry or disabilities. CCC is an Equal Opportunity Institution. Coffeyville Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. For inquiries, contact the Director of Human Resources, Title IX and ADA Coordinator, Coffeyville Community College, 400 West 11th St., Coffeyville, KS 67337. [email protected] 620.252.7180.