Coffeyville Community College Work Study Jobs, 2020-2021

Student must have Federal Work Study eligibility to be selected for any of the jobs listed below. Please turn in work study applications to Mileah Allen at the Information Desk on the top level of the CCC Student Union. Any questions regarding Federal Work Study can be directed to CCC Financial Aid Advisor Jennifer DeRosa at [email protected], or in person at the CCC Financial Aid Office.

Work Study Job Application

2020-2021 Work Study Job Application (PDF, opens in new window)

Job Listings Updated on February 5, 2021

Available Work Study Jobs

Boys and Girls Club Student Assistant   

Supervisor: Griffin Walker.
Job Description: Assist school age children with homework and fun activities.  The job will encompass being a mentor supervising children, teaching leadership, and reporting bad behavior and accidents both written and verbal.  Any other duties as assigned.
Hours per week: 15.
Job qualifications or preferences: Job site is not on campus, students must be able to provide own transportation to the Boys and Girls Club.  Punctual and reliable, good communication skills, pass a background check, and desire to work with children. Good communication and conflict resolution skills.
*Students must also complete the online application through the USD 445 website. 

Football Office Student Assistant

Supervisor: Jeff Leiker.
Job Description: Students will provide assistance to the football coaches with filming, in and around the office making copies, send faxes,picking up mail, and any other duties assigned by supervisor
Hours per week: 10
Job qualifications or preferences: Polite and accountable; must be able to work during football practice hours.

Mailroom Student Assistant

Supervisor: Yvonne Hull.
Job Description: Student will check in student, staff, and faculty packages, make sure they are organized, sign packages out, and work the mailroom window between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Hours per week: 8-10.
Job qualifications or preferences: Must be able to lift 30-50 lbs. and be available for work between 10-2. Must be trustworthy, good customer service and communication skills. 

Marketing Department Student Assistant

Supervisor: Zach Mitchell.
Job Description: Students will work campus events, help assemble recruiting folders, cropping and editing photos, working with marketing staff. Filing and organizing creative work orders.  Help in mailroom as needed.
Hours per week: 6-10.
Job qualifications or preferences: Student must be personable, trustworthy, and presentable. Must have basic computer skills and point & shoot photography. Knowledge of Adobe is a plus but not required. Needs to be able to lift at least 30-50 lbs. Some evening hours required. Prefer someone who can work in the afternoons and/or evenings.

Men’s Basketball Student Assistant

Supervisor: Jay Herkelman.
Job Description: Student will assist in uniform and equipment maintenance, mass mailing, student hosts for recruiting visits, game day operations for home football, volleyball and soccer games, supervision of Nellis Hall during open gym, and other duties, as assigned.
Hours per week: 10-20.
Job Qualifications: Willingness to work and show up on time. 

Music Department Student Assistant

Supervisor: Markel Porter/AJ Beu.
Job Description: The student will need to sort and file music, as well as take inventory and organize the music library and uniforms. Other duties will be to erase markings made in the music, repair torn pages, and create new storage boxes for new music and help call recruits.
Hours per week: 5-6.
Job qualifications and preferences: Must be dependable; must be detail-oriented; must have knowledge of choral music. Experience with Microsoft Excel preferred. 

Rodeo Program Student Assistant

Supervisor: Johnny Weil.
Job Description: Student would assist in the handing of livestock, helping with recruiting tours, assisting at practices, and other duties as assigned. 
Hours per week: 3-10.
Job qualifications and preferences: Student must understand livestock and rodeo, excellent communication skills. 

Science Office Assistant

Supervisor: Amy Lumley.
Job Description: Assist in setting up labs, cleaning lab equipment, preparing materials for labs, and any other duties as assigned. Assisting instructors with classroom preparations such as making copies and research
Hours per week: 5-10.
Job qualifications and preferences: Must be responsible, willing to clean (lab equipment), and able to following directions and safety rules. Completion of Chem I or chemistry background is preferred. 

Softball Office/Field

Supervisor: Shiloh Blockburger.
Job Description: Students will take care of field maintenance as requested, will be responsible for equipment and making sure it is in the correct facility at all times.
Hours per week: 10.
Job qualifications: Organization skills, and knowledge of softball rules and regulations. Able to work in the evening to prepare field for game days. 

Student Success Center Student Tutors

Supervisor: Jill Wood.
Job Description: Student will assist in tutoring students in English, Math and Science. Student will be expected to provide assistance filing, answering calls, data entry, minor cleaning and other duties as assigned in the Student Success Center.
Hours per week: 2-10.
Job qualifications or preferences: Thorough knowledge of Science, English or Math, computer experience helpful and Education majors encouraged. Student must also excel in a particular subject and maintain a 3.5 GPA and a “B” or better in that area.  A short test of math and or English skills could be required to assess your abilities. Must be able to work Monday - Thursday or some in the mornings for peak times of tutoring. 

Track Office Student Assistant

Supervisor: Robert Wood.
Job Description: To assist track coaches in the office with filing, copying and other office related duties, looking up track and cross country results, assisting with student tours, as well as helping at the stadium with maintenance and other track related duties.
Hours per week: 8-10.
Job qualifications: Knowledge of track and field/ cross country.