Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Please see if the answer to your question is listed below. If you still have a question not answered by this FAQ, please e-mail the financial aid staff at [email protected] and a CCC financial aid representative will respond as soon as possible.

When will I get Federal Financial Aid for online courses?

Students enrolled in online classes will not be disbursed any federal aid, Pell Grant or Student Loan, until each online class has passed the certification date.

What should I do with the forms included with my letter?

Return all forms that require completion and/or signature to the Financial Aid Office.

I am not certain that I will attend CCC. Should I complete and return the forms anyway?

Yes.  Should you decide later that you will attend, please notify the Financial Aid Office.

What if I have unusual circumstances that I would like to have reviewed?

Contact the Financial Aid Office to request a Professional Judgment form if any of the following have occurred after you completed the FAFSA:

  • Reduction of income and benefits
  • Separation or divorce
  • Unusual debt or expense
  • Loss of employment
  • Death of parent or spouse

You will receive a letter after the Professional Judgment form has been reviewed.

How and when do I apply for summer school?

Once you have enrolled for summer courses, notify the financial aid office at [email protected] to discuss your eligibility. 

Are there any restrictions on the use of my financial aid funds?

Yes.  Federal regulations require that federal financial aid be used only for educational and living expenses.

Can I change my marital status after completing the FAFSA?

For the current year, no.  Your marital status will remain as it was the day the FAFSA was signed.

If I am receiving a Pell Grant, will I need to be enrolled by a certain date?

Yes.  The amount of your Pell Grant will be determined by the number of credits you are registered for by the institution's certification date (20th day roster).  NO adjustments will be made to your Pell Grant if you add credits after this date.

What is verification?

Verification is a review process in which the information you provided on the FAFSA is compared to tax documents, W-2s, and the verification worksheet.  If you are selected for verification, we will mail you the verification worksheet with instructions.  No federal aid can be disbursed until verification is complete.