Parking Rules and Regulations

Main Campus

Row of Parked Cars Students, faculty and staff on the main campus are required to register their vehicles in the Registrar's Office each year.

Parking on the main campus is free, however increasing enrollment makes legal parking spaces difficult to find, so allow extra time.  Persons who do not comply with campus parking rules and regulations will be issued a parking violation, charged a fine, and subject to vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.  All fines are paid in the Business Office.

Offenses for which an individual will be ticketed and fined include:

  • Handicap parking without legal vehicle identification
  • Parking in posted “No Parking” areas
  • Improper parking
  • Parking on grass or sidewalks
  • Parking in Loading/Service Zones
  • Restricting traffic flow
  • Parking in posted courtesy spaces
  • Fire Zones

Any person who feels his/her vehicle has been unjustly ticketed may appeal.  Written appeals must be received by the Vice President for Operations and Finance within 10 working days after issuance of the ticket or the right to appeal is forfeited.  Lacking knowledge or unfamiliarity of these rules and regulations is not considered a valid reason for parking in violation of rules and regulations.

Coffeyville Technical Campus Parking

Students may park along Roosevelt Street and or Sixth Street.  All other parking on the Technical Campus is by permit only.  Violators will be towed at their expense.