Student Services Staff

Robin Adamson

Director of Financial Aid

Mileah Allen

Support Specialist

Brandi Beeson

Student Success Center Assistant/International Student Coordinator

Brooke Brown

Financial Aid Advisor

Chris Cameron

Recruiter/Event Coordinator

Jennifer DeRosa

Financial Aid Advisor

Carrie Dozier

Associate Coordinator of Business Services

Andrew Elrod

Digital Communications Specialist

Pam Feerer

Senior Director of Academic Advising, Admissions and Student Success

Garrett Francis

Student Life Manager

Vivian Frost

Database Administrator

Kristin Horner

Interim Registrar and Athletic Eligibility Chair

Yvonne Hull

Senior Director of College Relations and Student Services

Beth Hurd

Bookstore Sales Associate

Amanda Kelman

Records Representative

Elizabeth Le-Barker

Records Representative

Chris McCullough

Computer and Telephone Technician

Abdul Olusesi

Student Life/Diversity and Inclusion Director and Assistant Basketball Coach

Susan Reardon

Associate Coordinator of Business Services

Ms Kristi Reedy

Piano Instructor/Staff Accompanist

Johnathan Reid

Director of Technology

Teri Robinson

Student Health Nurse

Karen Strimple

Bookstore Manager

Ashley Tatman

Communication and Graphics Specialist

Melissa Tunstall

Student Success Center Assistant

Christine Whitten

Student Account Representative