Student Services Staff

Photo of Robin Adamson

Robin Adamson

Director of Financial Aid

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Brandi Beeson

Brandi Beeson

Student Success Center Assistant/International Student Coordinator

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Jennifer DeRosa

Jennifer DeRosa

Financial Aid Advisor

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Photo of Carrie Dozier

Carrie Dozier

Associate Coordinator of Business Services

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Profile of Andrew Elrod

Andrew Elrod

Digital Communications Specialist

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Pam Feerer

Pam Feerer

Senior Director of Enrollment Management & Student Success

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Photo of Vivian Frost

Vivian Frost

Database Administrator

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Ashley George

Ashley George

Graphic & Communication Specialist

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Krista Hanna

Krista Hanna

Assistant Bookstore Manager

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Photo of Melissa Harrison

Melissa Harrison

Head Spirit Squad Coach/Academic Advisor

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Profile Madison Henderson

Madison Henderson

Financial Aid Coordinator

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Photo of Kristin Horner

Kristin Horner

Registrar and Athletic Eligibility Chair

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Photo of Gary Janzen

Gary Janzen

Part-time Driver

Photo of Kelli Matney

Kelli Matney

Assistant Registrar & Athletic Eligibility Coordinator

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Profile of Chris McCullough

Chris McCullough

Network Systems Administrator

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Ryan McCune

Ryan McCune

Vice President for Student Services/Deputy Title IX Coordinator

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Nicole Nash

Nicole Nash

Recruiting and Admissions Specialist

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Grace Pinkerton

Grace Pinkerton

Recruiter/Event Coordinator

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Photo of Susan Reardon

Susan Reardon

Associate Coordinator of Business Services

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Profile of Kristi Reedy

Ms Kristi Reedy

Piano Instructor/Staff Accompanist

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Photo of Johnathan Reid

Johnathan Reid

Director of Technology

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Photo of Karen Strimple

Karen Strimple

Director of Institutional Research

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Profile of Ashley Tatman

Ashley Tatman

Director of Marketing

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Profile of Melissa Tunstall

Melissa Tunstall

Student Success Center Assistant

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Photo of Mona Walker

Mona Walker

Student Success Center Assistant

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Photo of Rochelle Welton

Rochelle Welton

Student Health Nurse, RN BSN

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Photo of Chris Whitten

Chris Whitten

Student Account Representative

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Photo of Jill Wood

Jill Wood

Technical Learning Lab Instructor/Part-time SSC Assistant

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