Refund Policy

100% of tuition and fees may be refunded if courses are dropped within seven calendar days of the published session start date.
The course must be officially dropped with the Registrar's Office.  If the course is not dropped and the student does not show up to class, the student is still responsible for the financial obligation of the tuition and fees.  This includes Online courses.  Failure to complete 25% of the course or being "lined out for non-attendance" does not excuse the financial obligation.  The student remains responsible for payment of tuition and fees if the drop occurs after the refund dates as indicated on the master calendar.

All refunds are processed in the Business Office.

Refund of Housing Payments

In the event that you move out of the Residence Hall or you are removed from the Residence Hall for disciplinary purposes during a semester, your housing room balance for the semester will not be refunded. You will receive a pro rate refund of your food service contract. It is the resident's responsibility to follow official College checkout procedures. All charges will continue to be assessed until checkout procedures have been completed.