Residence Hall Fees

*Fees subject to change.

The fees for the Residence Halls are:

2021-2022 Fees

Powell Hall (Men's Dormitory)

  • *17 Meal Plan and $100/per semester to use at the Raven Roost:
  • $7,050.00, per year ($3,525 per semester)
  • Includes unlimited laundry use

Pat Walker Residence Hall (Women's Dormitory)

  • *17 Meal Plan and $100/per semester to use at the Raven Roost:
  • $7,050.00, per year ($3,525 per semester)
  • Includes unlimited laundry use

Summer Semester (June)

  • $955
  • *17 Meal Plan
  • Includes unlimited laundry use

Fall Camp

  • $270
  • *17 Meal Plan
  • Includes unlimited laundry use
  • For students associated with activities and athletic teams required to report prior to beginning of Fall semester

Residence Hall Damages

Each student is responsible for any damage to the commons area and his/her own room. Damage charges for a unit commons area will be assessed to all unit residents. Damage charges for a student room will be assessed to occupants of that room.

Refund of Housing Payments

In the event that you move out of the Residence Hall or you are removed from the Residence Hall for disciplinary purposes during a semester, your housing room balance for the semester will not be refunded. You will receive a pro rate refund of your food service contract. It is the resident's responsibility to follow official College checkout procedures. All charges will continue to be assessed until checkout procedures have been completed.

Residence Hall Closing and Break Information

The residence halls close for breaks during the academic year - winter and spring break. During this time, only students who receive permission from Residence Life are permitted to be in the residence halls. All other students must leave halls prior to the closing times.

Failure to leave on time and/or staying without permission may result in being documented and/or fined. Students must check out of their rooms and leave campus during vacations and break periods. Students should be sure to take all items they will need during the break (medications, passports, chargers, books, phone, etc.). Mail delivery and meal services are not available during the breaks.

Residence Hall Check-Out Procedure

Each student must complete the following basic check-out procedure before leaving campus at the end of each year or semester or if the student drops out of school (if they are graduating or not returning to the Residence Halls):

  1. Schedule a time with the Residence Hall personnel to complete a check-out inventory form (24 hour advance notice is required).
  2. Clean the room and unit.
  3. Complete and sign the check-out form with the Residence Hall assistant in charge of the unit.
  4. Turn in room key.  A student who does not return a room key will be billed for a lock core change and/or replacement key charge.
  5. Each resident must check out in person.

Failure to follow these procedures will result in a non-checkout fee of $50, and any additional charges for cleaning, room damages, and key lock replacement.

**Dorm fines will be assessed and charged to the student’s account for any damages and/or unreturned keys.