Missing Persons Procedure

Coffeyville Community College believes every effort should be taken to provide a safe environment for a student’s study and recreational pursuits.  Safety and security is, however, a shared responsibility.  No plan or procedure is effective unless the entire campus community strives to recognize the importance.  The following missing student notification procedure has been established in response to the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 which mandates that all institutions with Residential Housing must have a plan in place.

A student may be considered to be a “missing person” when he/she is reported as missing by another individual and/or when there is suspicion the missing person is absent from campus due to a health or safety issue such as a victim of a crime, an abusive relationship, expressed distressful comments such as suicidal comments, etc.

All reports of missing students shall be directed to the office of the Director of Student Life.  When a student is reported missing, Student Life Staff will initiate an investigation and proceed in the following manner:

A. Verify student is not in assigned resident hall room, in their scheduled academic class and/or at their scheduled activity (i.e. activity/athletic practice, game, performance).

B. If the student has registered a vehicle on campus, check all parking lots to determine if vehicle is on campus.

C. If the student has listed a cell phone number on the enrollment form, call and send a text message to the phone number.

D. Contact Activity Sponsor and/or Athletic Coach, if applicable, to identify last contact with student.

E. Contact roommate in addition to individuals in the suite and quad to determine the last sighting of the student.

F. If the individual has a student email account, send an email.

G. Email and/or phone the student’s instructors to pinpoint the last class period the student attended.

H. Check Social Networking sites such as Facebook/My Space to identify the student’s last log in status time.

I. Conduct a quick, but thorough, search of all resident hall rooms.

J. Resident Hall contracts specifically state CCC may notify parent or guardian in case of an emergency or in a situation which is deemed to be a potential risk to a student’s health or safety.  Phone parent/guardian to identify their last contact.

K. Notify the City of Coffeyville Police Department if the above actions are not successful in locating the student.

L. CCC may disclose the following information, in response to a law enforcement request, for the purpose of identifying or locating a missing person, material witness, fugitive or suspect:

1. Name and Address
2. Date and place of birth
3. Social Security Number
4. A description of distinguishing physical character tics such as height, weight, gender, race, hair and eye color, scars, tattoos, etc.
5. Vehicle registration information such as automobile make, model, and tag number, etc.

M. Implement the Crisis Management Contingency Plan.