1098-T Statements

The 1098-T tax statements for the 2023 tax year are now available.

The 1098-T tax form is a Tuition Statement provided by higher education institutions to all eligible students who pay enrollment fees (including non-resident tuition) during the calendar year. The 1098-T form may be used by students or parents to claim the American opportunity tax credit (formerly “Hope credit”) or Lifetime Learning Credit on their federal income tax returns. The letter below provides general information and instructions on the 1098-T tax form.

Please be advised, Coffeyville Community College cannot determine if you are eligible for educational tax credits, nor identify the amount of credit for which you may qualify. Please consult your tax professional for assistance. You may find more information concerning your 1098-T at www.irs.gov.

1098-T tax statements are available online via RedConnect. Eligible students will also receive a paper statement in the mail.

How to Access Your 1098-T on RedConnect
Log on to RedConnect here. Instruction on how to log on can be found at https://www.coffeyville.edu/online-classes/red-connect. Once you are logged in, follow the instructions below to access your 1098-T.

  1. Select “Tax Information”.
  2. Consent to Electronic Form to view or print 1098-T from.
  3. Select the Tax Year to view or print your 1098-T.

Additional Information

The College Tax ID# is 48-0698570.

The College address is:
Coffeyville Community College
400 W 11TH ST
Coffeyville, KS 67337.